Story 1 – Page 9

But this time, the woman looked different. Her purple gown had been replaced by a shiny silver dress. Her straight brown hair had been replaced by wavy blond. With the purple apple gone, the woman was a whole different person. I couldn’t believe that the infuriated woman in front of the car was my mother. Dad seemed lost for words, but he wasn’t as surprised as me. Looking down at the apple in my hand, I opened the car door and stepped out. I turned the apple over and over in my hand as I walked over to the tap by the shopping center. I felt for Lilli’s bangle in my pocket and was relieved that I found it there. For some reason I thought that my mother had taken it. I turned the tap on and wet the apple. I then scraped the apple with the bangle. I found that I was right! The purple apple was just a normal apple except for the fact that it was painted purple! I ran back to the car and told dad. Everything was starting to make sense. Dad got out of the car to go talk to mum. She was still staring at me with such hatred in her eyes. I stared right back at them, wondering if there was any love in her eyes, anywhere, for anyone. Dad was talking to mum and mum was still staring at me, while muttering things under her breath. But still something didn’t make sense, other that the fact that mum was the evil purple woman.


What didn’t make sense!

Just wait!


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Story 1 – Page 8

And I understood. I understood what was happening. My dreams weren’t coming true, another person was making me think that! It was genius! Mean, but genius. It all made sense! Using that apple, whatever it was, she could somehow make her see my dreams and make me remember them. I didn’t always to remember my dreams. They would float away with my sleep in the morning. Until the woman used her apple to make me remember. I felt a great rush of  hatred toward the woman. I jumped out of the car, walked over to the woman, and stopped right in front of her. The woman looked surprised for a second, but then smiled. You know, one of those smiles that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and that give you an extremely strong urge to run away. “Hello.” I said, ignoring my instincts telling me that I was mad and that I should run away. “You dropped this.” I have no idea why, but I reached into my pocket and took out my silver bangle that I had snuck out of Lilli’s room when I was little. The woman’s eyebrows narrowed in confusion, and that moment of hesitation was all I needed. I grabbed the purple apple, turned around immediately so I didn’t see the woman’s look of rage, and bolted back to the car. As I was settling into my seat, I looked up, and I saw the woman. But this time, she looked different…


What did the woman look like?


Wait for later to find out!


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Story 1 – Page 7

And as we sped our way down the road to the university, I saw a woman in a dark purple dress holding up a purple apple. And I suddenly felt woozy, and I slumped back into dad’s leather car seat…
You’re not magical, or special. I am the one. You believe you have special powers. I wouldn’t exactly call them powers. Your dreams come true. You found a bear in your dad’s slippers. Your sister has gone to university. These aren’t coincidences. This is all because of me. I gave you these things. And I will use you so I can rule the world. You see, you are special, in a way, to me, but not to anyone else.


My eyes opened. I stared at the woman in the purple dress lowering the apple down, wearing a triumphant smile on her face. And I understood…


What did I understand?

Find out soon! Sorry I haven’t been able to post a lot! I’ve been so busy!

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Story 1 – Page 6

And, to my surprise, I saw Lilli’s bed, empty. That was weird. Lilli always slept in, whether it was a weekday or a weekend. I ran downstairs, shouting to Dad if he had seen Lilli. And he replied back, something very different to what I had thought he would say. Lilli is at university. University? That was supposed to be in a few weeks! I hoped she was okay. Why did she have to leave in the dead of night? Why did Lilli not even say goodbye? That was the moment when I understood something. I had to go somewhere. Then and there.


I was scared as I clambered into Dad’s dark black car. I had told Dad about my opinion. And as we sped down the road to the university, I saw…


What did I see?

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Story 1 – Page 5

I heard voices outside. I woke up instantly, and screamed as I found myself in the middle of a wet, cold puddle surrounded by mist. I scrambled off the bed in fright, and it was then that I realised where I was. My walls were a dusty, merky grey, the same as Lilli’s room. Until I took in where I was. I was actually in Lilli’s room. And the thing in my bed wasn’t a puddle, it was me. Except I was older. My hair was long and wavy. Everything about me was different. I had come to the future. And what were those voices? Were they delivery men? Were they Dad and Mum? Mum. I ran downstairs, certain that no-one could hear me. And there, in Dad’s room was Mum. She was singing, but her voice was cracked, and hoarse. She wasn’t famous anymore. I looked out of the window. Lilli was there, talking to someone in a blue uniform. Behind them was a blue truck, with a U in the middle of a fancy flower. Then I heard Dad speak from his room. I assumed he was talking to Mum. I walked slowly over to their room. Dad was talking about a fight that Mum had had with Lilli, and that she had to back off a little bit. But I couldn’t hear what Dad said next.

I woke up. The first thing I did was run into Lilli’s room. And, to my surprise…


What was I surprised by? Wait for next week!

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Story 1 – Page 4

The floor started rumbling underneath Lilli’s and my feet. We screamed. Then the bear started sliding towards Dad’s room, oddly enough. And soon, the whole house started, well, dissolving and the key in my hand was pulled back towards its place in Dad’s cupboard. And soon, everything was back to normal. We ran into Dad’s room and found Dad lying in his bed. And then Lilli got all excited about some mathematic term, I think it was ‘pie’. See, I live in a family of people who think ‘pie’ is a mathematic term. And then, after the ‘pie’ craziness, Lilli turns to me and tells me that I should dream something more exciting tonight. I told her that I can’t control my dreams and she said that if I focused REALLY hard on something, I would be able to dream about it, which I think is just crazy, because I have no idea how a JUNGLE came into my mind.

Dad woke up some time later, and Lilli and I ran off to our bedrooms to pretend to be asleep, but we were stopped by our younger brother Ethan, who was blocking the ways upstairs. So we took our seats at the table as Dad sleepily walked out, in his slippers, asking if anyone else had a dream about a bear. Lilli and I giggled. We had our breakfast, a little later than expected until Dad looked at his watched and exclaimed that Lilli was late for school.

We all got dressed (except for Ethan – 3 year-olds tend to wear pyjamas out of their house) and dropped Lilli off at school. Lucky for me, my day off had only just started.

I guess Lilli learnt about pie today, because she wouldn’t stop talking about how good she was at it. It seems that Mathematics isn’t the only subject that Lilli needs to touch up on. Grammar could do with some using, I think. That was when I started thinking about the day Lilli goes to that fancy boarding school.

And I thought about it all night. Not intentionally, of course, but I did. And when I fell asleep, I dreamed. And this is what I dreamed about:

What did I dream about? Wait for next week!

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Story 1 – Page 3

Lilli was standing in the kitchen. The bear had somehow… fallen asleep while I was daydreaming but now I noticed that the bear was so big, it was covering the whole rest of the house, which wasn’t our house at all. Of course, upstairs was normal or I would have noticed. But downstairs was a whole different story. It was covered in snow, and the worst thing was that there was no doors, no windows, and no way out. I ran to Lilli and she said that while I was daydreaming, she snuck past the bear and noticed that the house was different. She turned around but the bear had fallen asleep. I told Lilli that this was my dream that was coming to life, and she said that was ridiculous. But I explained my dream to her and she soon had it. So Lilli said maybe I got the idea from the tree outside my window, and I suddenly had a great idea. Dad locked my window when I was a baby, so I couldn’t get out. But now Dad keeps the key in his bedroom cupboard and afterwards, he planted a giant tree outside my window. I always wished that I could climb it, and now I can. I explained my idea to Lilli, and she thought that the tree would be too far away. But I knew it wasn’t. So I ran into Dad’s room and took the key off the hook in the cupboard, and while I did that, Lilli looked for Dad. After a while, Lilli came back to me and said that she couldn’t find dad anywhere, which worried both of us because if Dad was going somewhere, he would tell us. But he didn’t. I was starting to think that Lilli actually was at school and Dad was just a shape-shifter pretending to be Lilli and if he was – he’s doing a pretty good job at it. I told Lilli (AKA Dad) that we couldn’t go upstairs. When Lilli asked why, she noticed that the bear had rolled over, and there was no way that you could go around or over it without waking it up. Just then, the floor started…


What did the floor do? Wait for next week?


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Story 1 – Page 2

Standing in the hallway was a giant bear. Its fur was brown and slightly ruffled, its ears looking like two hedgehogs climbing up its back than some fluffy… things used for a sense (and quite a commonly used one, I must say) – Hearing. I stood, frozen, staring at the creature in front of me. I stood, my eyes fixed on its. My big sister, Lilli, came running down the stairs. She called out to Dad, saying something about a test, and that she had to leave early. Lilli gets to go to school. Mum always said that the youngest child was not the golden child, and so she spent all of her time with Lilli, but they only had two years alone. Then I came into the world. Everything changed then. Mum then wrote a song and sent it off, which led her to a career. When there was no response to Lilli’s question, Lilli ran down the stairs to find me standing at the bottom, but what she didn’t see was what was right in front of me. Lilli told me off for not moving as she asked me to, as bossy big sisters do. But then, she moved down and saw the bear. Lilli’s mouth dropped open in awe. The bear winked, as if to warn us to back off. Then it moved back and I saw that it wasn’t any normal bear. It had… slippers on. What kind of a bear wears slippers? Not only slippers, but slippers with blue bunnies on them. They looked kind of like my old slippers, only bigger. Wait! Didn’t I just have a dream about this bear? It looked like it too! So I went back and remembered:

But it seemed we were thinking too much and not concentrating on where we were going, as we soon bumped into a sleeping bear.

So that’s what the slippers were for! And also, El’s sister’s name is Milly! So Lilli rhymes with Milly, so that practically means that I’m with El. So my dream was coming to life! I turned to tell Lilli this, but Lilli wasn’t by my side anymore. She was…

Where was Lilli? Wait for next week!

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Story 1 – Page 1

I crept through the forest on a cold winter night, my vest wet with quick sand, out of which I had made a lucky escape. Next to me stood my friend Elaine, but she preferred to be called El. El and I crept through, dressed in our designer jeans, wondering how we got here and what we were doing here unarmed. But it seemed we were thinking too much and not concentrating on where we were going, as we soon bumped into a sleeping bear. El and I jumped back in terror as the bear blinked twice, unhappy that two girls had interrupted its hibernation. It stayed lying down but its eyes said ‘If you don’t go back to where you came from, I will not be the only one that doesn’t like you.’ El and I looked around, but we had been concentrating so hard that we had wandered into a clearing with multiple paths leading off it. We didn’t know where we came from. We didn’t know how we got here. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere and we were about to die from anonymous sources in this jungle. Oh, how were we going to get out…

I woke up with a start. Phew! It had all been a dream. It was pretty much the most boring dream I had ever had, but it may have been the most exciting dream you’ve ever had. Some call me Tayla. Others call me Tayla the Dreamer.  I dream the most amazing dreams in the whole town. I am homeschooled by my Dad because my Mum is always so busy – she’s a giant rock star. She never has time for me.

I decided to go downstairs to have breakfast. It’s normally average scrambled eggs, you know, the way Dads who weren’t trained for this type of thing make them. It’s nothing the same as Mum’s who puts all of my favourite sides with it, but that hasn’t happened for ages. I finished the staircase of about 12,600 steps, my legs aching, but instead of Dad, standing in the hallway was…

What… or who was in the hallway? Wait for next week!

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